Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Moon Over My Home Town ...

I moved from Watertown to Houston when I was just 16. I spent my summers here during those 37 years and missed only two. I couldn't stay away.

A favorite thing about driving into town, nearly always at night, was how it felt to be at the top of Harmony Hill from Highway 81 and see the lights come into view. It's not that Houston doesn't have lights. These were the lights of Home ... as in where my Grandmother lived.

Now I am able to see those lights every night. This photo is from the road I turn onto from Highway 212 to go Home. The view doesn't change much from my Farm but many things in my new life are different. I lost my sister, Wendy, and my Grandmother passed away. But this is Home and I love it.

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  1. a spectacular shot! it must be a welcome sight on your way home.

  2. The beauty of the prairie is fantastic, and it is a real gift when your photos are accompanied by your words. Thank you - happy weekend to you & your BF!

  3. The glow from both the Moon and town lights makes a magical scene. PS I like the new Header with the baby icicles!

  4. beautiful sky and photo
    thanks for your visit and comment

    Have a nice weekend