Monday, January 3, 2011

Ice Bouquet ...

Freezing temperatures here on The Prairie don't stop my outdoor creativity ... they actually send me into overdrive with my need for fresh air.

I garden all year long both in the ground and in containers. I bring most of the potted things inside to be cared for over winter. That can amount to 50 or so plants on the sun porch and on shelves in my kitchen windows.

This weekend I made arrangements of greens from trimming indoors. I also made a few with dried things I collected this fall. I moved them out to the deck into vases and vessels that started out as Ice Candles. I saturated them with my mister and layers of sprinkled snow, resulting in what I call Ice Bouquets. They will change every day depending on where they are on the deck in relation to the sun, and whatever my next inspirational step might be.

The additional bonus being one Laurie On The Prairie, in and out all day long, living, moving, breathing and creating.

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