Wednesday, January 19, 2011

White Swan ...

Plenty of snow combined with high winds make for amazing sculpture here on The Prairie. When the air hits a structure, it slows down and changes direction. The decrease in the speed of the wind causes the air to drop snow and make a drift. I found this huge white Swan wing yesterday on our drive home around Lake Kampeska. We had just worked out ... an incredible visual reward.


  1. Gorgeous. You are talented, you have an eye for what is beautiful and unusual around you, and you are generous to share it. I am blessed to be able to come here and see, read, and learn.

  2. Oh - the light on the "wing" is awesome, Laurie. I like to see through your eyes. Snowing again here...

  3. Beautiful Laurie.
    How did you get the photo to look that way though....a photoshop action??? Please share.