Monday, December 29, 2008

I Love Pheasants ...

The Pheasants are finally starting to surface after all of the snow we have had the past couple of weeks. They typically "hunker down" in the shelter belt on the north side of our property. Now they are back to their routine of feeding in the morning sun and the late afternoon.

Yesterday this big guy came up close to the house, and eventually another three followed. They went up and down the drifts looking for something to eat. I put cracked corn out and will be watching for them this morning. My niece and her husband saw twenty of them up by the road last night.

Aren't they beautiful ? I come from a family of hunters extraordinaire ... and our pheasants are off limits.


  1. We have tons of Pheasants here too!! They are everywhere this year.

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  2. I love pheasants, too. We get them in our backyard here in our college town in Idaho.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! (I'm hearing the theme to "The Patridge Family" in my head.... I do realize they're different creatures, but still.....) :-)

  4. A colored pheasants on this snow.
    great shot

  5. I'm sure the pheasants around your house are grateful that you have designated them off limits!!

    I pray the shots you take with your camera are the only shots they will experience. beautiful birds. great pic!