Thursday, December 18, 2008

Making Ice Candles With Mrs. Keller ...

If you were to walk up on my front porch right now you'd say, "What The Heck"? I've got an ice candle factory going right now. And since it's so cold (see Weather Pixie) like negative something or other, I'm cranking them out like crazy.

First you take your bucket, or your bathroom trash can if it's metal or plastic like mine, and fill it with water. Then you take a tall and wide jar or can and fill it with water too ... leave a couple of inches at the top because it's going to expand, like we learned in 4th Grade Science Glass. Thank you, Sister Elzear !!! It has to be taller that the amount of water you are using in the bucket so it defines the hole for your candle. You can also use marbles or stones to weigh the object down.

Set the contraption outside your door with the jar or can sitting right in the middle. Be sure it's close and convenient so you don't have to venture out to the edge of the deck in your negligee when it's negative something or other ... talk about your instant hot flash cure.

Give it 5 or 6 hours to chill then bring it in. If you used water to weigh the inside object down, run hot water inside the inside container so you can pull it up and out. Now you need some ice for the candle to sit on so put another couple of inches of water inside the hole you just created and put it back outside for another couple of hours.

The old fashioned technique calls for an ice pick to chip out the center where your candle goes but I like doing it my way. I know you are shocked. You can get creative and add food coloring, sprigs of Evergreen, or Cranberries. And if you don't live where it's negative something or other you can use your freezer. They actually freeze very clear in there and that's a nice touch.

Here they last forever, just sitting prettily outside. And a candle lasts forever here too. I will put some out at the Cemetery and close friends and relatives will get one too. Between ice candle making, Netflix, Turner Classic Movies, and playing Chicken Toe Dominoes, it's very busy here in these negative something or other temperatures. Thank you, Debbie Lukenon, for my first Ice Candle gift last year, and for giving me something to do in these negative something or other temperatures. -5, -30 ... does it really matter ? I'm just saying ...


  1. Those are SO gorgeous. I want to make one also!!! I could do it in my freezer, but with it being 81 degrees today, it won't last but a few minutes. Thanks for sharing!!!!
    What is chicken toe dominoes???
    how is Ron feeling??? We need an update.

  2. What a beautiful sight. Thanks for explaining; I'd never heard of that idea. I love to hear how you are enjoying your coziness. We have snow, too; school is closed!

  3. These are SO pretty! I'm going to send this post to my brother, and sis-in-law in Minneapolis. They and my nieces and nephew would LOVE to do this! A fun winter project! (And it's just as cold there, obviously...)

    I hate to say this, but it's in the high 60s here it Atlanta at the moment... we're supposed to top out in the low 70s today. I'm wearing capris, a tshirt and clogs.

    To be candid though, this weather at Christmastime leave me a little irritable.... I MUCH prefer chilly or downright COLD at Christmas!!

    I do love the candles - GORGEOUS!!!!

  4. I want to make one too! Our weather is plenty freezing cold. What happens when it gets up over 32 and in the sun? Is there a lot of melting? Or do you keep the ice on the porch out of the sun?

  5. We've tried this here, but it's never really cold enough - we have to resort to the deep freeze. Seems funny to envy a cold climate, but these candles are so pretty.

  6. Hi Mountain Mama! Since the sun is pretty hot here I keep most of mine in partial snowbanks around the stairs to our deck. It hasn't been above zero for quite a few days but it's a bit warmer today so I will keep my eye on them and move them to the shade if necessary.