Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Ornaments ...

There are Ornaments and then there are Ornaments ... this is the latter ... one of many. We've been collecting Christmas Ornaments for almost 30 years. Our collection marks time and has traveled the world.

There are some from my childhood tree. There are some that Allison and Brad made from melted Mardi Gras beads when they were children and lived in New Orleans. There is the one my Grandmother gave us when we were first married, with the couple riding in a sleigh, snuggled up, and says "Our First Christmas Together" ... I used to think it was so hokey ... try putting it on our tree and not passing it to me for special handling. You might loose your arm. There is another she gave us from the South Dakota Centennial celebration. She rode in a covered wagon both across The Prairie AND in the Centennial Parade that year.

There is a glittery barn on our tree with grazing cows. There are German Shepherds, Dragon Flies, Monkeys, Fish, a Penguin, Pheasants, a Giraffe, a Panda Bear and a Red Fox. There are Birds, Reindeer, Mice, Cats, Bears and a Baby Doe. There are Day of the Dead Skeletons, several of Catrina. There are stars, moons, snowflakes, icicles, Angels, Mermaids and tons of Santas. There are Snow Men, Snow Women, and Snow Skiiers. There is a huge pink Glenda the Good Witch, crown and all, and Charlie Brown riding with Lucy and Snoopy on a Toboggan.

There is a blue paper bow with dried flowers that my sister made. There's her Mice collection and some of her Frogs. There are acorns and pine cones ... shoes, slippers and hearts. There's one of The Beatles from the Abbey Road cover, and a King, Queen and Jack of Spades. There are hearts, tea cups, and shells ... and the priceless ornaments made by Ian and the Grand Babes.

There is a Taxi Cab from New York City and a Cable Car from San Francisco. A hollowed out earth from Provence with French Peasants dancing around a Christmas Tree on the inside. There are hand painted porcelain pieces from Italy and Holland. There is stained glass from Germany and a wooden carved hand painted Santa from Russia. Then there is the Opryland Hotel replica and a bell from Colonial Williamsburg. There are Revolutionary Soldiers wearing Tricors, playing a flute and a drum. There is the crest of The Princess of Monaco and the silver beaded Crest of Princess Diana's home, Althorp. And there is a spangly purple, green and gold Mardi Gras Fleur de Lis from New Orleans.

It takes quite a while to decorate our tree. After our Annual Light Fight I always say "Let's tone it down this year and just put up the REALLY special ones". And they all go up. Merry Christmas with love from The Prairie.


  1. Oh, I would love to see a pic. You have quite the hodge podge history tree. I bet it is gorgeous!!!
    I don't know how you could tone down history...
    Merry Christmas,

  2. This is beautiful.... I bet your ornament collection is phenomenal! I'd love to see.
    btw - I love the wolves on your side bar! Call me crazy, but they remind me of me and my husband!

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful Christmas and are all "snuggled in" together!

  3. What a lovely tradition, Laurie. This one is so beautiful.

    Sorry I'm late but I hope you had a great Christmas and this comes with every good wish for 2009.

  4. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I agree with Suz; please post more photos of the ones you mentioned! God bless you and your family. Thinking of you and Wendy...with love.

  5. That's so special that these come from all over the world. Mine? They come from Targets and Wal-marts all over town. Not quite so special.