Monday, December 1, 2008

Fresh Snow on Holy Name ...

Hey ... I took a little blogging break. We have been knee deep in projects around here. All of our artwork is finally hung, the paint touch ups are in progress, and I have cleaned the last of the sheet rock dust from the pad for good. I am almost ready to start pulling out the Christmas decorations. Bless my soul ... we have tons. I have to have Christmas in every room !!!

Thanksgiving was good ... it was easy ... it was no pressure whatsoever. My niece had the dinner this year so I got off easy. Ron made Nana's Pumpkin Pies and I contributed the Corn Souffle. My Mother's brother Lee passed away on Friday. I took her to see him at the hospital in Sioux Falls on Wednesday. Saying good bye is tough ... but I will do it every time, if given the option.

We have had fresh snow every day since the 22nd. But not a lot ... just enough to liven things up. Here we have Fresh Snow on Holy Name Catholic Church, across from St. Anne's Hill. Holy Name started out with services in their grade school gymnasium. Their new church was built in the late 60's and was way ahead of it's time, architecturally speaking.

The church is beautiful inside as well. It's altar stands in front of this stark brick interior wall, on the other side of this huge exterior wall. Since it was considered the wealthy, uppity, North Side church ... on prestigious Skyline Drive ... I felt a great sense of intimidation and envy when attending services here ... because we were too late to make the Immaculate Conception service, our service on the South Side of town, or I was staying with North Side friends ... how fucked up is that ?

I'm so glad I got over all of that. Moving home has been great for my spirit. Venus and Jupiter are lined up with the Moon tonight. It's a sight to behold here ... so clear and so close. I am in a good place tonight.

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  1. So glad to hear from you. Your sky watch photo is lovely, and the corn souffle sounds decadently delicious. I hope you enjoyed every bite.
    I'm sorry to hear that your uncle passed away. It seems such a blow to my folks, with each passing of a friend or relative...Your mom is blessed to have you with her. I am glad that you got the chance to say "goodbye." Love to you.