Friday, March 6, 2009

Feeding, Hearing, Seeing ... Birds ...

My Finches came home to The Prairie this week. They got right back in the groove ... Cricket like ... heavy on the chirping as the Sun came up this morning.

Other Signs ...

It was 48 gorgeous degrees here yesterday ... 40 today/Instant Replay. Sunny.
It's now officially Slushy around here and in town.
I have photos of melting snow and water running downstream.
I have my windows open.
I have a Coffee Table full of Seed Catalaogs and Gardening Magazines.
I organized my Flip Flops.

Supposedly, there is a winter storm coming right for us. I don't believe it ... but I may need a Prayer Chain.


  1. Sending you WARM fuzzy that picture. So cute. :)

  2. Yikes - keep the storm in SD. PLEASE! Do NOT let it come to CO! Nice here, too...
    Lovely picture of a Finch - makes you think of summer.

  3. many bird on the blogs this week

    your is so pretty

  4. "Soul Men" was way funny.
    A eubonic "Bucket List"