Monday, March 9, 2009

St. Francis, Line One ...

We have a few days of snow and cold temps coming this way again. What about all the Birds that just came home ? I'm putting in a call to St. Francis.

Once upon a time, St. Francis was traveling with some companions and they came upon a place in the road where birds filled the trees on either side. They surrounded him as they were drawn by the power of his voice. He said, "My sister Birds, you owe much to God, and you must always and in everyplace give praise to Him. He has given you freedom to wing through the sky and He has clothed you. You neither sow nor reap, and God feeds you and gives you rivers and fountains for your thirst, and mountains and valleys for shelter, and tall trees for your nests. And although you neither know how to spin or weave, God dresses you and your children, for the Creator loves you greatly and He blesses you abundantly. Therefore... always seek to praise God".

Once upon another time there was a big bad Wolf in Gubbio, where St. Francis lived. It was "terrifying and ferocious, and devoured men as well as animals". Francis had compassion upon the townsfolk and went up into the hills to find the Wolf. When he did, he made the sign of the cross and commanded the Wolf to come to him. The Wolf closed his jaws and lay down at the feet of St. Francis. "Brother Wolf, you do much harm in these parts and you have done great evil", said Francis. "These people accuse you and curse you ... But brother Wolf, I would like to make peace between you and the people". Then Francis led the wolf into the town, and surrounded by startled citizens, they a made a pact.

Because the wolf had done done evil "out of hunger”, the townsfolk were to feed the Wolf regularly, and in return, the Wolf would no longer prey upon them or their flocks. St. Francis, ever the lover of animals, and to show the townspeople that they would not be harmed, baptized the Wolf.

I feel these Birds are going to be just fine ... and so will the Pheasants and the Jack Rabbit. St. Francis just called back. He said they have all been baptized.

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  1. My how interesting.... my post has to do with St Francis today too! GREAT MINDS (brilliant minds?!) clearly think alike! :)