Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hold That Pose ... Thank You ...

There is a face in here somewhere ... and a beautiful smile. But I'm not even certain where my dancer's head is. I took the photograph last night at a Brule' concert. And while it consists, primarily, of color, and it doesn't give you an exact idea of what Brule' looks like on stage, I think it's my favorite photograph of the night ... and that it portrays their energy precisely.

Brule' is a contemporary Native American rock group. They are a Lakota Indian family and include authentic dancing and rituals in their concerts. But most important, other than the fact that their music is collection worthy, they promote Reconciliation between our two cultures.

They brought the TeePee down.


  1. That is a gorgeous, rich image. Thanks for telling us about the concert, too!

  2. Beautiful color....and motion...

  3. Wow! I could stare at this all day! Along with all of your other photographs, Laurie.