Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tattoo You ...

Last week I had the opportunity to see my Cousin, Karmalee, get her second tattoo. After having recently read the latest John Irving novel, Until I Find You, about a Tattoo Artist looking for the father of her child, I was psyched up. This art form has always been very intriguing to me. I wanted to see it for myself.

Karmalee designed the tattoo ... her daughter's name above an Ankh, the Egyptian Cross. The artist put her design on his computer. When she was happy with the size, he printed it out on transfer paper ... similar to what is used to put embroidery patterns on dish towels. Our Grandma Van Sickle may have turned over in her grave. We weren't talking Kittens doing household chores on each day of the week.

The guy did an impressive job. I haven't made plans to get one myself, but I might consider a tiny something or other some day. And I like the way the parlor, Outlaw Tattoos/Sioux Falls, puts it on their bumper sticker. They are "Not Just For Sailors and Whores Anymore".


  1. Love that cross...don't think I am a fan of the pain or permanence though. ;0 That bumper sticker is awsome.

  2. I came very close to getting one once.... and I have been VERY impressed by the artistry of many of them. (However, I think of myself when I'm 85 and possibly incontinent... and then I have second thoughts.) :)

    But the cross is indeed beautiful.

  3. Ditto here! I'd like to get a tiny heart with Katie's initials in it, but I have all of the same reservations that are stated here. Such a cool idea...maybe a piece of jewelry instead...

  4. Wow, that's a tender spot... was it painful...

  5. She said no pain ... can we believe it ?