Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heavenly Hesperides ...

When I was in Houston last month I bought a new perfume at Anthropologie called "Hesperides". It's a sensuous and unusual scent. I just Googled the word and I now know why.

These are the Hesperides, and they are the beautiful guardians of the tree that produced golden apples. That tree, according to Greek mythology, was a present the Earth gave to Hera when she married Zeus. Hera and Zues lived at the end of the World in a remote idyllic garden with Ladon, the snake. The Hesperides are singing him a lullaby in this beautiful painting by Frederic Lord Leighton, the leading artist of the classical revival, here represented in its late, very formal, stage.

Notice the long sinuous curves of the snake, the swan’s neck and the girls’ arms. They all follow the round shape of the painting. The image represents classical perfection and balance, which makes it all the more precious, because very soon Hercules is going to steal the apples from the tree and bring strife to the world. And it gets ugly between him and the snake.

I found this to be quite a story to go with such a captivating painting. I would bet that you do too. And the next time you are in Anthropologie, find the Hesperides ... it all fits.


  1. awesome story to go with your fragrance.
    I only use deodorant. What does that say about me???? :)

  2. I LOVE that painting, Laurie. And I bet I'll love the fragrance.
    I will have to find an Anthropologie near me.... (I wonder if there is one at the Mall of GA?)

  3. I can't handle fragances right now because of my illness :(
    But I would love to visit an Anthropologie someday.

    Yes, we're about 20-30 miles from the Snake River. Does your brother live close by?

  4. Suz, it say's you are awesome. And you are.

    HWHL, there must be one there, or at the shopping district that is underground and really cool!

    Sherry, Anthropologie has the best stuff for the home ... like knobs and aprons, and dish towels, and bedding, and girlie stuff ... like perfume. And I bought some really cool lime and brown reading glasses too. xoxo.

  5. What an utterly gorgeous painting!Perfume is such a personal thing, isn't it? I love wearing one that is rare...I haven't changed mine in at least 10 years, and I don't expect to do so. It's only available in France, or online from France, and I love that.