Sunday, July 6, 2008

Clematis Gratis ...

A first for me, even with my vast gardening experience ! This is a clematis and it's going crazy out there in my flower bed. I have it wrapped up around a trellis that looks like a stained glass window. I bought the trellis in Kentucky, near Loretta Lynn's home, about 10 years or so ago.

These blooms are about 6 inches across ... it came up and got going so quickly I could measure it's progress on a daily basis. I love the maroon mixed with the traditional blue ... it also comes in a very light blue as well as a white. The second photo is what the blossoms look like in the winter and early spring ... they are actually it's seeds. Thank you, Wickepedia !

I read a gardening article recently about a woman who restored a farm. She had her clematis growing all around a huge, very tall corn crib. You don't know what a corn crib is ? Yikes ... I'll have to add that to my list. All in a days work !


  1. These are breathtakingly beautiful.

    We visited a home yesterday that had the largest wisteria vine growing that I have ever seen. The house may be 100 years old, and the trunk of the vine had to be 6-8" in diameter. They had a 2nd floor catwalk built of I-beams (for wheelchair access to an elevator), and that vine had taken it over, so that the catwalk looked like a PLANNED feature, just for holding up the vine! It was lush and gorgeous. I wish you could have been there with your camera.

  2. LOVE the images Laurie! AWESOME!

    Glad I found you - and I will be back!

    Cheers :-}}

    Jerry in Tampa

  3. Absolutely stunning... colors are bright and beautiful. Great photography!
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  4. this year my two clematis mahe only 3 flowers

  5. Lovely flowers, superbly captured!