Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Picking Rocks ...

Here on the prairie, a family farm activity is picking rocks. Basically, you walk the field with your siblings and friends, and remove the rocks for the purpose of easier and better farming. It's very common to see piles of rocks in the fields here. They are all sizes and all rounded, thanks to the glaciers that were here 15,000 years ago.

A clever individual thought these stones would make a great front porch. They were right ... this house rocks !


  1. I concur...this house really rocks.
    Love the character here....
    I did not know they were rounded from glaciers...I always thought they were river rocks. But I suppose in a way they are.....

  2. That is a beautiful house, and such an inviting porch. Love the rocks and pillars. It's wonderful for me to get to know your town through your eyes.

  3. IT=t does look beautiful! I have heard many make fences or mini walls with them as well.

  4. Just lovely. Once again, I see myself on that porch.... this time instead of sipping tea and waving to neighbors, I see myself napping in the Summer breeze....

  5. I grew up in Minnesota and now live right across the border in Wisconsin after living in New Mexico and Texas for a few year. I know all about the pickin' rocks thing...how about spraying beans? I earned mucho dinero doing that every summer!