Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sled of the Day ...

I'm such a girl. I took fifteen photographs of this lovely ride and did not even look at it's emblem. I was so astounded by it's length that I didn't concentrate on an aspect other than that. I'm a bit embarrassed. Boyfriend will be humiliated for me. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess it's a mid 50's Cadillac.

He and
I have a car game called Sled of the Day. We totally made it up lots of years ago. If we see a terribly lonnnnnggggg car it's dubbed the Sled of the Day. That's all ... just a little something that one of us came up with and we've been playing at it since. If I had to estimate just how often we see one, it would be only a few per year. This one was parked in front of a cute house and looked as if it hadn't been anywhere in a while. I drove past it every day for a week and it didn't budge. I wondered what it cost to fill it up and I wondered how many miles it got to the gallon.

And I wondered how many young, energetic hormone driven couples had sex in it. I think the number is waaaay up there. I'd also bet quite a few older, less than energetic, mature couples have had their way with each other in it too. The back seat was the size of a twin bed. This baby screams sex to me ... no wonder I forgot the emblem. Sled of the Day, you rock. Ha ! In more ways than one, I bet.


  1. This is hilarious, Laurie!
    We went to a wedding not long ago and the 'getaway car' was a vehicle that looked quite similar to that one and the license plate was 'TEDSLED'.

    Isn't that cute??? :-)

    And yes, I'm sure more than a few babies have been conceived in that backseat. ;-)

  2. Really cool photos of this 50´s beauty. Black and white suits it really well. There´s speed and romance, that´s for sure.

  3. FANTASTIC CAR! The photos of it are wonderful too! I'd like to take that baby for a spin...

  4. Oh ho, I love the photos and your commentary. A couple would want to be sure the chauffeur wasn't looking - or perhaps that was part of the fun!

  5. This is a 1960 Cadillac. A cleaned up version of the MASSIVE Ultimate Cadillac of the previous year. It's still huge! Basically it's the 59 with the fins cleaned up a little.

    Love the term "sled of the day" and am stealing it, and the contest. After all, we need something to do on our commute!