Monday, July 7, 2008

This Old House Soon to be All New ...

So ... enough of the houses around town ... this is OUR house. Not much to look at these days but give us another couple of months and Nate will be very impressed with my architectural and interior design skills !

This is the first sliding glass door to go in and faces east for the sunrise. There is decking to the left that will be extended along the remaining front. Another sliding glass door was put in Saturday on the west side for sunset. It will lead to a groovy screened porch. Adding theses doors seemed to invite our beautiful evergreens right into our living room ... which is huge. We took out the office and guest bedroom walls, as well as the guest bath and opened it all up for living space ... working, sleeping, and flushing are not living : ) And we are remodeling our master suite and kitchen.

The basement is finished and we are moving in this week. My new bathroom is a wonderful haven. I used a Celtic pattern of tile trim around my bath tub and shower, and Celtic Cross pulls on my cabinets. Wendy was the Celtic Queen so that's a fun reminder for me of her ... Baby Swister. I also have a fabulous huge walk in closet that will be a walk in scrap book when I get all of my photos, momentos, etc. up. Forget about the clothes, shoes and bags ... it's shorts, tee shirts and flip flops around here !

Yesterday I organized and cleaned the laundry room. That was pretty exciting ... the last of the sawdust and texture over sheet rock dust. Just as I finished Ron said, "Just what you needed ... another 1,700 square feet to keep clean" ! My heart sank at the sudden realization ... so I turned around and looked back and took it all in. It's so perfect, and we really did a great job bringing it to it's full potential. I knew this was the right place for us when we bought it ... and I definitely know that now.


  1. I have bestowed an AWARD upon you, my dear.... come to my blog for Full Details!

  2. This is so pretty. Sounds perfect for you both.
    I would love to see some pics of the bathroom re-do. Nice touch putting some of Wendy's celtic crosses in....
    I hope to re-do our master bath one day.....
    you know the old saying about the cobblers children with no shoes....I am the cabinet makers wife with an out dated bathroom. :)

  3. Very much looking forward to your photos of the inside of your house!
    SO glad to hear that you like the Tour. It's one of our favorite TV treats (& I don't find much to like on TV outside of PBS); we love to share it.