Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where Credit is Due ...

This is one of Ron's two gardens. I call them his because I have done absolutely nothing to contribute to the vegetable farming this summer. I have watered the tomato plants in the other garden, but that's it ... he gets all of the credit for these beautiful potatoes, cucumbers, squash and corn. Boyfriend stays very busy keeping up with his projects. It takes 8 hours to mow ... and we've had plenty of rain. A year and point 5 ago he went to work in a suit and tie to look for oil and gas. I think he was carrying gardening books in his brief case.


  1. This is MUCH more rewarding than wearing a monkey suit to work.

    Tell him "good job" from me! I'm very impressed!

  2. Dreams do come true, don't they? He's reaping another kind of
    "greenback" with this work. I love seeing it, and wish I had that gift, too.

  3. WONDERFUL GARDEN! I sure miss mine - theya re very rewarding and fun to share... Enjoy!

  4. AWESOME. Way better than a suit/tie job.
    I bet the salads are fab at your house!!

  5. wow send some to your grandkids in franklin they have scurvy!

  6. That is one awesome garden!

    I am impressed!!!