Monday, July 21, 2008

The Lion in Summer ...

P Diddie got a new hair style last week. It's the lion cut and he is very happy with it. In addition to the tail and mane, his legs are hysterical ... he actually looks like he's wearing pirate boots. Didders wouldn't slow down to pose so I had a hard time capturing the look. I'm sure you can use your imagination. Thank you, Kristen's Custom Cuts, "Where All Cats and Dogs are Welcome".


  1. I love this. Looks TOO cute, and way cool.
    If I was a cat, this is how I would like my hair done up....

  2. Oh my goodness! Do they really clip cats' fur? Doesn't their fur help protect them from bugs, etc. in summer? I'd love to know more about this. Our Latte could SO use that cut; we call him our "lion" already, because of his attitude, and his fur is so thick that he feels like a dog!

  3. LOL! That is hilarious! TOO CUTE!

  4. i LOVE this.... i'm going to forward this post to several cat friends.

    he is definitely the "cat's meow", Laurie!

  5. P Dids now lives with my niece, Catherine, and belonged to my sister Wendy, who passed away. I have his brother, Leo, and his mother, Mia. It's for real, girl! Catherine also has their brother, Tigger.

  6. I can only imagine how much cooler he feels. (And thankful, too!) The tail is especially hilarious. :)

  7. too funny!
    are you sure the didy likes it?
    great name for him
    i a in the process of being adopted by a big ginger tom
    pimple montague