Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amy, Servant of God and Girl Stuff ...

Yesterday was a bad day for Ron and I both. Moving to Rehab and the change of scenery, etc. didn't set well with him at all. On top of that he began having trouble with his left eye and showed signs of right side/left side confusion. After everything we've been through so far I'm not going to even elaborate on this. But I am hoping it's the meds since he had a cat scan that came back fine. If I get too far out there and off into what could happen, I won't be available for today. Talk about spiritual growth ...

Which leads me to Amy, a wise for her years, sharp dressed, red headed chaplain. Ron's nurse called Pastoral Care for me right after I learned that in addition to what's happening with Ron, my mother was rushed to the ER again yesterday from the nursing home. She has the "ileus" thing going on ... failure of the intestines to kick back into motion after surgery ... and in her case ... two surgeries. I didn't fall completely apart but I needed direction. And direction I received ... ask and ye shall ! I love that.

Amy listened to my story with great interest, concern and love. I cried, she held me, and then I cried some more. At that time, I blew my nose and settled in for the parting of the clouds, the bright shining rays of sun, and the words of God to move into me. It was nothing like that. She knew I had two sisters in law arriving shortly and that the greatest gift God could send me was a break. She smiled and looked deeply into my eyes with hers, that were so beautiful, and she said, "Laurie ... go home, take a bubble bath, and get a good night's sleep." Now ... how cool is that ?


  1. oh my goodness. I too hope it is just his meds messing with him.
    Sorry to hear about your Mom. She will be in my thoughts and prayers too.
    You are dealing with a lot of stress, the chaplain was right. Take a bit of time for you. Gather your thoughts, rest your body.
    take care.

  2. Hooray for Amy! I love the fact that God has "workers" here on earth .... always right there when we need them.

    And she is right. Gotta take care of YOU, so you can take care of everyone who needs you.

    Remember, live in "day-tight" compartments. Don't let yesterday crowd into today, and don't let the "what if's" of tomorrow anywhere near you.
    All you need to do is live between now and bedtime. And you can handle that.

    Prayers coming your way, girl....

  3. i had no idea this was going on....sorry...sending speedy recovery wishes to the prairie