Monday, August 18, 2008

Ron is On the Mend ...

Ron continues to make progress and was moved last night from the Acute Neuro Care Department of Sanford Hospital. He is now in a room for a few days prior to being moved to the Physical Therapy Department. He is now much more alert; however, the pain is tremendous still. I had help yesterday moving some of our things back into the main floor of our house. Ron's sister, Karen, is with him now and I am heading back later this morning.

Thank you to everyone for your calls, emails, and offers to help me. More importantly, knowing the power of your prayers and the knowledge of God's love has been of great comfort to us both. Bless you right back !


  1. what an ordeal he is going through. I'm sending more prayers and good wishes.
    I hope he can get home soon and mend in the comforts of home.
    Good Thoughts to you both

  2. This is encouraging news! I'm happy he is on the mend!

    I know he can't WAIT to be back home.... it's so tough to heal (and rest) while in the hospital.

    Hang in there, girl!

  3. Ron, Laurie,

    Our thoughts are with you. Hope recovery goes fast.

    Cecilie and Haavard