Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Zucchini Bikini Birthday Boy ...

It's a big day today in our life ... it's a Decade Birth Day. I took this photo last night while we were on a drive to the Henry Steak House. I was photographing a huge herd of Angus that came running just as soon as I did my cow call. Yes, I have a cow call. It must have met with Ron's approval ... look at that smile I caught on my way back to the car. It was a fun road trip and I just knew this would be my shot for today's post. Happy Birthday, Boyfriend. It's a love connection for sure ... your silver hair matches my silver Subaru. And a special thank you to Jim Aesoph at KDLO Radio 96.9, for making our morning such fun with his "Ron Keller has a birthday today and a yard full of "Zucchinis" . "Or is that Bikinis" ?


  1. What a beautiful shot of his handsome, rugged and sweet face. Happy Birthday, Ron! God bless you both.

  2. awww how nice. He is a looker. what a smile. zuccinis are a bonus....we had them for dinner too.
    Happy bday. Happy year.

  3. i LOVE this post! I can almost hear Garrison Keilor (sp?) making the radio announcement about Ron's birthday, and his gardenful of zucchinis! !!! You gotta love the upper Midwest! (You betcha!!)

    (My husband - who is ALSO named Ron - just had HIS birthday on Sunday, August 3rd....) How bout that. :-)

  4. happy birthday Ron! sorry couldn't resist...
    you have a very enjoyable blog, & what beautiful surroundings you live in too!

  5. Hey. Just wanted to leave a comment for a comment you made on a blog I found some time ago.
    You mentioned that you say "oofdah" where you come from in SD, and that it is of norwegian heritage.
    And you are most right ;)

    It is from a genuine norwegian expression "uff da", and means something similar like "oh no".

    So there you have it :)

  6. Happy Birthday Ron!! Thinking of you here in Houston, miss you bunches. :0)


  7. Happy birthday, Ron! Glad you both had fun.

  8. Just FYI, here in Poulsbo, we also hear a lot of "Uff Da;" in fact, my mother-in-law often says, "Uff Da My!" It's a town that was founded by Norwegians.