Saturday, August 2, 2008

Smith Family Robinson ...

Meet my Wicked Step and a Half Daughter, Allison, (WSD.5) and her family plus a Girlfriend of my oldest Grand Daughter, Anna. I guess listing her name isn't critical ... her parents won't let her hang out with them any longer.

Guide in the back, Allison in front of him, Emily in front of her, my fellow Baby Boomer Son in Law, Wally, across from Em, Meg in front of Wally, ex Girlfriend across from Meg, Anna across from her, Jaws One munching Em's oar, Jaws Two front right, advertising for Oral B 40.

Photo courtesy of Skip That Lunch Rafting, Blue Mountain, Georgia. Photo Shop courtesy of R. Brad Keller, Jr., Wicked Step and a Half Son (WSS.5).


  1. Cute. Love the river rafting. Hate the sharks.

  2. LOL! WHAT A GREAT PICTURE! Love it! :) thanks for the laugh.