Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Week ...

Ron's surgery was a week ago this morning at 6:00 AM. I have just met with his Neuro Surgeon, Dr. Wellman, (get it?) and he said the patient is doing fantastic. Yesterday and last night were the absolute worst though ... the head pain is just fierce. He was given oxicontin, the Rush Limbaugh drug, and it ended up being a nightmare for all of us. He "tripped" until 2:00 this morning, trying to get out of bed, trying to get me into bed : ) and fighting sleep. At 10:00 the Doctor ordered another cat scan of his brain to see if perhaps the wound was bleeding. It was not. His physical therapy started yesterday morning and he's standing, walking, and exercising. Ron's sister, Karen, is my new best girlfriend. This chick is the perfect mix to this mingle. But excuse my selfishness if you can. All I can hope for at this point, is to hear Ron call out to me just one more time, "Please, I'm begging you, get into this bed"!


  1. That must have been music to your ears.
    Family first; take care of yourself and Ron. The rest can wait. As a Navy friend of ours used to say, "Shoot the alligator that's closest to the boat!"
    So glad that Ron's sister is a great resource for you in this. You've had more than your share of hospitals this year!
    God bless you all.

  2. Love you dearly, I hope that his pain is eased soon. You are doing a great job, I know he will call out to his lovely wife as soon as he can. :0) Stay positive.

  3. You made me laugh.
    Gosh, I feel for him. I hope the pain eases up. Is that a normal part of the healing I wonder?

  4. Wow.... it's so hard to watch someone you love in such intense pain. You and I know (through migraines) what head pain is like, but it sounds like OUR pain can't even BEGIN to touch what your sweet husband is going through.

    The GOOD news is he's going to make a full recovery!

    The GREAT news is his libido is still QUITE healthy! You gotta love that, girl! :-)

  5. Whew...glad to hear he is doing well! I hope the pain goes away :(

  6. Sending prayers and many blessings your way!