Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blue On Blue Joy Ride ...

The Watertown Medical Arts Building is not on our Historic Building Register. So now it's on mine ... Thank You.

Last summer there were a couple of small, stray trees that took root and grew up, just a bit, above the Romanesque urns. I know that because it is impossible for me not
to look up at this building when I am driving down Kemp Avenue. Was that a fluke of Nature ? Or did someone plant them exactly at the spot on the ledge, which would give the impression that they were growing out of the Urns ?

It trips me out to see this type of architecture and design here. It's a level of sophistication that doesn't blend, but then again, it sure does. Which is exactly why I love it here, today, and now.

Who developed the intriguing design of the Medical Arts Building ? I am going to suggest that it was the invisible partner on the project ... the wife of the degreed Architect from Watertown, NY.
I think she looks down at me when I drive by, in spite of what George Carlin says, and jumps into my Subaru ... but just for two blocks.


  1. "... and jumps into my Subaru... but just for two blocks...."

    I LOVED that! :-)

    And yes, this level of sophistication in a small(ish) town in the upper Midwest does come as somewhat of a surprise, but thank goodness for lovely, sophisticated and elegant surprises!

  2. This is have such and eye for the unusual, but beautiful stuff in life!!!!
    George carlin, may be right on some points...but way off on others. :)

  3. When I first looked at this I thought the top part of the design was a crab. Very pretty blues in your pic.

  4. Part of the fun in being a photographer - finding beauty everyone else misses. Looking up. Thanks for sharing.