Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mooing Mantra ...

Now that our north shelter belt has lost all of it's leaves I am really starting to like this view of our house. We added on the big porch with big windows all the way around. That's where we watch the sun set. That's where I pray the most.

I am starting to think of summer, a bit too early I'm afraid, and being able to spend time there at night with the windows all wide open and the breeze coming through. Wind chimes, crickets, and those calves with the soft moos in the distance ... it sounds like heaven to me ... and it sounds too, like I have blended in.

The weather here, as well as the "vibe", are all the entertainment you really need. But I will say, tons of movie channels and flat screen high def don't hurt matters any. Still, I am missing the rain now, of all things, whose storms have a way of bringing you to your knees at times. That's not a bad place to be.


  1. We have more than enough rain to share, Sista! You can have as much as you want of it from here. On the other hand, your snowfall makes us look like snow-pansies. I love seeing you point of view in your beautiful photos. God bless you.

  2. Can I meet you next time I'm home? You're just too cool. I, like karenberger, also want to tell you...blessings, girl.

  3. WHAT A lovely home you hvae - thanks for sharing!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!

  4. Gorgeous photo. You're not the only one thinking about summer. Though I think about it 24/7!

  5. I love your house! I love how much space and privacy you have... it's beautiful. Gorgeous views!