Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reaching Up and Shining Down and Energy That's All Around ...

Somewhere underneath all this snow is the life line to these amazing hearty plants and flowers around here that are sleeping right now. They need to sleep. They are supposed to sleep. They want to sleep. I'm with you. I can relate.

When the ground is warm enough, mid June plus or minus, this patch of thistles is going to grow two tiny green leaves per blossom and start sending up long green shoots that are going to have the fresh new version of this thing brewing inside. Eventually it's going to open up into an amazing purple blossom that will knock your socks off. I think it's an Allium ... but that's not the point.

I'm getting ahead of myself ... it's way too soon to be focusing on spring. But I am still Zone adjusting from South to North. And while I was walking by this flower bed, that belongs to someone else, I thought I sensed live energy stirring way down there.

That plant felt that hot sun beating down on it, and I swear, it was considering it's return. But that plant has been around here much longer than I have been back, and I think it knows the difference between being teased, and the real thing. Scusi.


  1. Isn't it amazing? When you stop and think what MAKES the tulip bulb (for example) "wake up" each and every Spring and PUSH its way through that cold dark ground and up and OUT to the sun?! It's truly a miracle and it happens with EACH plant, every single YEAR. Astounding.

    And some people still insist that there's no creative power behind the amazing Life Spectrum..... hmmmmmm......

    Cool post, chicklette! :)


  2. That's a beautiful photo, and wonderful thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. It is helpful to be reminded of the 4 real seasons that some places experience, with all of their extremes. It is instructive, as I believe nature is meant to be. Thanks for helping me to stop and see it through your eyes. Love from out here.

  3. I love the seasonal changes even though there are challenges that come with each of them. Your thoughts remind me of the lyrics to The Rose.

    "Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows
    lies the seed
    that with the sun's love
    in the spring
    becomes the rose"

    I was born in Rapid City SD and head back there every three years for a family reunion. I have always wanted to visit Watertown. I am a fan of Terry Redlin's artwork and I know he's from Watertown. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. cool pic, i thought you took it looking up at the sky at frist then i realized it was snow...God does some amazing things for us doesn't he?

  5. Keep on seeing and writing. Sharing. Thank you :-)

  6. Love this photo! Simple, yet it tells the whole story without any words!
    Thanks for sharing!