Saturday, January 24, 2009

Third File Third Photo ...

I've been tagged by Karen to post the 3rd Photo from my 3rd File. Interesting ... it's the Houston Skyline from the deck of MGP2's Studio.

A week from this morning I will be waking up in that big bad City. And then I'll be here most of the day and the following work week, planning my year end accounting and catching up. It will also be a week, too, of family and friends ... and not enough time to see everyone I would like to.

It's sunny, beautiful, and cold in my world today with a high today of zip zero degrees. In my other world, Houston, it's probably 65. Go figure ... I'm planning to ditch the wool when I pack.


  1. Beautiful photo. I'm glad you have that trip to look forward to...and a little breather from the cold. Ten degrees! WOW. Blessings to you!

  2. Cool pic - I like that the house in the foreground appears to be glowing. Enjoy the warm~

  3. Lovely picture...never been to Houston myself.
    You will enjoy the weather change.

  4. It was mid 60s with sunny blue skies here today. I was happy.

    I know you'll enjoy "breaking free" from the Upper Midwest - something to really look forward too!