Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mustache Scroll ...

His mustache is actually part of the scroll workings of this architectural touch on the Commercial Building at 10, 12 and 14 East Kemp. If you don't enlarge the image with a click, you won't get it.

The face reminds me of the God, Triton, who helped Jason and the Argonauts through the slim passage back to the sea. If you have seen the movie, how about those skeletons ???

In the late 1800's the Commercial Building housed the first Watertown Saloon, then the Palace of Sweets, for 55 years. Other storefronts here consisted of Hestad's Shoe Store and the Sugar Bowl Confectionery ...

Booze, Shoes and Sugar ... what else can I say ?


  1. I love it.....handle bar mustache? I think NOT.

  2. I am More and More Impressed with your little town each and every day. :)

  3. Oh MY goodness! Your weather pixie is at -6!!! Are you a popsicle????

  4. You're so full of little tidbits of knowledge lately!