Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Class ...

I adore old houses with character. The person who lives here obviously has a sense of style. But I don't really have a feel for their financial position ... I like that.

When I first saw the house I was infatuated with it's gingerbread qualities and detail. Then I saw the porch ... chair, milk can, and the flower frame ... all just so perfectly placed.

The paint job is obviously very old. I'd say the colors were bold choices back then. I want to meet this person ... talk about class.


  1. Great photos. I love the way that you framed it out! I hope to learn more each day. I have taken over 6000 pictures since Jan. this year. I also took a basic class. Any imput is always welcome from you! Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. You know..... I wonder, one day, when the kids are grown and gone and we don't need a big house in a neighborhood anymore.... how will we live?

    I tend to think I would like something rather eccentric like that. I vaccilate between wanting to move very close in-town (walking distance to everything) or WAAAAAY up in the Blue Ridge Moutains, or perhaps down on the Georgia Coast. All 3 have disticnt advantages.

    I think you should knock on the door of this house and introduce yourself. Tell the homeowner that your "blogging audience" is waiting with baited breath for a Full Report!! :-)

  3. This is so interesting - I would love what the homeowner was thinking w/ their choices - I think their porch along w/ the items arranged on it make it look so quaint. What would be even more interesting is what does it look like inside??

  4. What a precious lovely that you took the time to notice and honor the vision of the person who made this haven. It's fun to see the world through your lens.