Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're Not in Therapy Right Now ...

we are in real life.


  1. Nice picture. I LOVE the moon. I always see it and wonder how many other people in the world are looking at it at the same time as me. Even George Cloony and I could share that passion at the same TIME!
    I tried to get some of the moon camera is SO not good at it...or perhaps it is me.

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  3. Laurie,
    Have these storms/rains I've been hearing so much about on the national news been impacting you and your loved ones? I hope not. Such sad sad news out of Iowa.

    Take care and BE SAFE.

  4. Hey sistas, glad you like the moon. I sat the camera on the railing of the deck, Suz, so it would be really still. Try that, it makes a big difference! RB and I just came through a bit of hail on the way home but we are fine. Thanks for thinking of us, Happy Wife. I'm going out to look for rainbows. Adore you, girls!

  5. Hey Laurie...nice pic! The only moon I don't care for is the FULL MOON...means more babies being born which makes for a crazy day at work for me!

    Take care! your blog! =)