Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hershey's Kissable ...

This is the first of the irises that I transplanted last spring from my cousin, Marlis's, garden to mine. It belonged to my Grandmother, Marie Van Sickle, and was moved along with lots of others, from her garden to Marlis's after she passed away. I moved lots of day lilies as well and it's a great feeling to have things here that at one time belonged to her.


  1. So neat. I bet Grandma would be proud.
    I retreived one of my Dad's staghorns after he passed away and have it in my yard now.
    I love it

  2. Beautiful pics. I LOVE your cloud pics. And iris?? What could be better.

  3. I have never seen one this color before. I thought I had an unusual colored one -- called black -- actually a deep purple but almost black. It came from an old brick layer we had hired. His wife wanted to get rid of them so she dug them up and gave them to him to give to me. I am glad to have them.

    I think it is important to keep flowers, like your got, in the family. At least I think so.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  4. Hey Long Lost Sister!!!
    I absolutely love your blog and seeing what you are up to these days. Makes me miss you girl! Keep us updated with lots of posts and beautiful photos :).

    *Big Hugs*

  5. That is beautiful! (I need to come up with some new adjectives... I either use "beautiful" or "gorgeous" every time I leave a comment on your blog!)

    What a lovely color - maybe I should have my new puppy pose next to it.... I think she and it would match perfectly, don't you? :-)

  6. That looks good enough to eat! Maybe because I read the title and now I'm craving chocolate.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog about the move. Definitely will be an adventure, that's for sure...

  7. WOW! What a beautiful flower! Very pretty - stunning color and sounds like one to cherish.

  8. i love that you have nan's flowers, and what a great name for a nan too!
    thanks for your comment