Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Friends Like Old Friends ..

Ron, Mom and I went to a brunch this morning celebrating my very first girl friend's marriage to a great guy named John. Shelly is second from the right and these are her four sisters; Judy, Debbie, Mary Ann and Marlis Thronson. They have three brothers; Jim, Jack and Jeff. Jim passed away, as have their parents, Norm and Lenora. But their family is still growing strong ... there were babies there. I love that !

Two houses occupied the space between our childhood homes. Shelly and I invented the peanut butter and mustard sandwich. You've never had one? Extra crunchy Jiff and French's, please. There were stories of me threatening to cut off all her hair ... and Jeff and my brother, Randy, getting into the Ex Lax.

Lenora was a pro at raising children by the time Mom had her three. Mom recalled her advice today, that they could never be friends if Mom didn't learn to butt out of all the little problems between us kids. Mom had great respect for her from that point on ... no doubt.

Later this afternoon Mom and I drove down the alley behind those four houses on 3rd Street, Southeast. They really haven't changed that much. All four are the exact same color they were back then. I was totally transported back to that place in time, and it was easy to go with it. It felt normal ... not the least bit dysfunctional. Sometimes I wish I had never had therapy : )


  1. How nice to be reunited with a long-time friend and her family for a happy occasion. It is precious and meaningful to have those memories of your childhood days, and to be able to share them. I love the character that you captured on all the faces of those dear ladies. Blessings to you and your friends.

  2. Old friends are the best friends. I still keep in touch with my best friend from first grade.... met her when I was all of 6 years old. We live in different states and have different lives but on those rare instances when we see each other, we still have a special connection. (And we also share the same first name.) It's wonderful. :-)