Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lupin Love ...

This is an amazing plant ... every morning I check to see how far up the color has opened. I'm so grateful for retirement ... I don't EVEN have time to go to work.


  1. What a blessing, and that you are conscious of it! It's a gift to be free to follow your muse each day. God bless you.

  2. Thanks for your visit to my blog Brookville Daily Photo this morning. I hope you enjoyed my post today showing the honey bee and the hollyhock flower.

    I saw a special last night about the disappearance of honey bees and it is sad to think that most of the fruit, nuts and vegetables we eat would disappear with them. So governments are busy trying to find the culprit before it is too late and one huge problem is the use of insecticides.

    Anyway, I wanted you to know I was here to repay your visit and comment with one of my own. Kind of like "Kilroy" was here... remember those drawings everyone used to make?

    I enjoyed reading your blog post for today and I thought the photography was good too. And Hollyhock comes up and blooms in many different colors. The singles are mostly pastel shades which I like and so do the bees. So when the stalks of flowers go to see, I save the seeds of all one color and then plant them in a place where I want only white or only yellow, or peach. In doing that a couple of years I now have colors in bunches that look like a forest of colorful flowers.

  3. Not seen this plant for ages come to think of it. Pretty pic.