Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love Is In The Air ...

Ron and I were driving up 4th Avenue, SW earlier this week and this gorgeous tree caught our eye from a couple of blocks away. I stopped for the Photo Op and we weren't sure what type of tree it was until I was almost right underneath it. We weren't looking at leaves at all. It was loaded with teenie tiny little Crab Apples. Their name is so cutesy pie.

Crab Apples make great jam and are also used to give cider recipes a nice "woody" kick. Their trees are self sterile and they don't have sex, so self pollination is impossible. I think that means they don't masturbate. They require cross-pollination between themselves by insects. Honey bees to the rescue ... they get to have all the fun, freely visiting the flowers for both nectar and pollen, back and forth, making love between the girls and the guys.

Fall here certainly can't compete with the colors you would see while riding in a hot air balloon over the Connecticut Countryside; however, I think we've got it going on in this case. Just look at the result of our drop in temperatures and all those little bi sexual bees having group sex.


  1. Such a beautiful tree and a lovely post about the birds and the bees. I feel so informed now. :)
    can I send my girls over for that talk with you???
    Very cute. How is Mr. Man doing these days????

  2. Laurie, you are so silly.
    Feeling a little "randy" these days, are you? ;-)

  3. Wow, that was quite educational! I do love this asexual tree. Very pretty.

  4. LOL! Great post! Loved the pic!