Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saint Anne Sunday ...

This lovely sculpture of Saint Anne is mounted on the old rounded entrance to the hospital I was born in, here in Watertown, which was named for her. The hospital has grown tremendously and is now known as Prairie Lakes. Things change and I am OK with that ... but during the necessary expansion, a new, totally boring entrance was moved to the opposite side.

They left Saint Anne and the child at what is now the back of the hospital, and what I feel, is a totally disrespectful place. To begin with, guess who the child is? It's Mary, Jesus' Mother, for Christ's sake !!! And the two of them are now next to the industrial workings of the hospital, the loading dock and the dumpsters. If you didn't know they were left there, you would never look up and take in their beauty. I can't even begin to imagine how many people have missed this awesome sculpture, as well as the opportunity to be reminded that health and healing go hand and hand with Spirituality.

Saint Anne is the Patron Saint of many things, including women in labor, mothers, housewives, equestrians and miners. Her official Feast Day is July 26th, but for me it's today . I am sending some respect her way. And if I ever have the opportunity, I'm going to slap the architect, for all of us, who didn't have the wisdom, or the courage, to build the new entrance around Saint Anne and Mary.


  1. Yes, Saint Ann got the shaft on that deal. She is lovely and should be displayed up front with much respect.
    I thought of you this morning...did you see the "parade" section in the newspaper???
    Daniel Craig, front and center!

  2. Amazing post.

    And, it was good to hear from you and to read your comments. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Have you addressed this to the hospital's administration and your local paper? I agree with your points, and I don't even live there! I'm glad that you are highlighting this. Maybe you could submit a story, with your photos, to your newspaper and see what happens...

  4. I agree with Karen - please address this with the hospital administration. A hospital can be functional AND beautiful at the same time and the fact that they took an otherwise BEAUTIFUL piece of art and basically stuck it "back in the back" is disgraceful.

    You go get 'em, girl!

  5. Maybe the loading dock peeps needed watching over? :-/

    At least you captured a brilliant photo here, now we can all appreciate her :-)

  6. Thanks for giving St. Anne the respect she deserves! Look at it this way -- it could be worse. They could have demolished her when they built the new entrance.

  7. Laurie - I left a little "candy" for you on my blog.... come one over! :-)

  8. Can't they move this beautiful piece of art to a more visible place? What a shame.