Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and Ron's Brain ...

When I think of Halloween, I think of the Munsters. I loved the show and thought it was so clever that Lilly's normal niece, Marilyn, lived with them in the spooky mansion, so that she could attend nearby Westbury College. She was also busy looking for a husband. Nothing surprised Marilyn at the mansion ... she was a trip. And while Lilly made all of the decisions, overall, they were a typical blue collar family of legendary monsters and they tried to be good citizens and role models to society. That's what made them so much fun.

There is plenty going on tonight to celebrate the Holiday. People sure go all out here with their decorations and there are costume parties at many of the bars and clubs. Ron and I used to participate wildly in Houston and won our fair share of prizes along the way ... Punk Rockers, Dracula and his Mistress Victim, Mr. and Mrs. Clean ... but tonight we are staying in. We have our huge pumpkin at the mailbox, our lights up and our ghost in the window. Maybe next year we will have a bit more energy for dressing up and going out.

Yesterday we saw Dr. Bryan Wellman, Ron's Neurosurgeon, for a cat scan and the first follow up visit after leaving the hospital. Ron viewed the scan of his injured brain for the first time ... that was heavy. But comparing it with yesterday's scan was awesome. He is doing so well that he has been released from Dr. Wellman's care. What a great feeling it must be for a man like Dr. Wellman to save someone's life. I can't deny that it showed both in his eyes and on his face.

I had a melt down in the car when we left the Van De Mark Building. I had some fear about the appointment that I hadn't acknowledged to Ron, nor myself. It started slipping out so I let it do just that ... it was necessary and it was good. And it led to things being said between us that were good.

So we are home now. Home is wonderful. And it's going to be a gorgeous, sunny and warm weekend. And since it's Halloween, that means a long cold winter is not far behind. Now around here, that can be as frightening as Grandpa Munster. But I can handle anything with my Boyfriend by my side ! Love from The Prairie. xoxo.


  1. I love all that you said about the Musters. I always loved that show and the fact that Marilyn was so normal and didn't bat an eye at the craziness around her.
    I am SOOOOO happy to hear Ron is doing well. You must have been keeping in so much and you have to get it out on occasion. It is good to have a nice cry every once in a while. well, for me it is daily. :)
    Take care

  2. I am thanking God right now for this good news. Thank you for sharing it with your friends out here.
    Ron is obviously the light of your life, and it is so HARD when we have to face the fragility of our own existence, and that of those who we love as much as we love our own life. I am thankful for Ron's progress, the doctor's care, the release from his care, and the fact that it's safe now for you to "let down" some of your feelings. It seems as if you've had a very stressful few months there, and you have put everyone else first, as was necessary. I pray that this lifts some of that stress from you. And do you have a good massage therapist nearby? That's a lifeline, for me...Happy Halloween & love to you both.

  3. This is GREAT news, Laurie - I am absolutely THRILLED for you and Ron - what an answer to prayer this has been! WOW. And I know it felt great to finally let it OUT.... you've been the Strong One for so long now.... I bet it felt like someone lifted an iron blanket off your shoulders!!


    And YES, I loved the Munsters too! (Loved the Addams Family, but loved the Munsters even more.... Lily, Herman, Grandpa, Eddie, Marilyn and the whole gang!) What a great show!

  4. Hope you enjoyed that nice sunny weekend, sounds like you more than deserved it...


  5. GREAT POST! I loved the Munsters too and loved Marilyn - thought she had a great life with them :) I also Love Halloween - stop by and see my Pumpkins I posted... in a couple days I will post pics of this Halloween.

    Glad to hear some good news :)

    Take care!