Saturday, November 1, 2008

Día de los Muertos ...

I'm sure many of you know that for Catholics, today and tomorrow are Holy Days ... All Saint's Day and All Souls Day. These two days are celebrated in many countries around the world, but in Mexico they are incredibly important, and they are known as Day of the Dead. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and relatives who have died.

Not many people here on The Prairie are aware of this. No ... there will not be hordes of people out at Mount Hope and Saint Mary's today, scrubbing and polishing headstones, and then gathering back there tonight with a bazillion candles, marigolds to attract the spirits, blankets and pillows to spend the night, and the favorite meal of their loved ones. Now there isn't much I wouldn't do for my sister, Wendy, but whipping up a dutch oven of Chicken Alfredo just isn't on my list of things to do today. Sorry Chicklette ... maybe next year. I love you dearly and miss you madly.

Catrina, shown above, is the most famous Mexican figure commemorating The Day of the Dead. I have been to many parts of Mexico, my favorite; however, is San Miguel de Allende, and she is everywhere ... just like Freida Kahlo and her eyebrows : )

Ron and I have quite a collection of Catrinas and other Day of the Dead Christmas ornaments. And over the years we have put together an impressive collection of art from our travels. But if I were asked to choose a favorite piece in our house, it would have to be my Dia de los Muertos shadow box of The Beatles. I bought it in San Miguel while on a wonderful trip with my best traveling girl friend, Kelly, the map reading chicklette from Heaven. The Fab Four are skeletons, dressed in those suits and skinny ties, on a stage, with their instruments and microphones, and little Beatle wigs painted on their skulls. It's not even that big, and since they are behind glass it doesn't photograph well. But you can trust me on this ... it's the sweetest piece of art we own.


  1. I did not know much of these special days...and the beatle box? Wow, sounds a bit creepy. You are so surprising sometimes. I have not been to Mexico yet. Maybe one day...
    I tagged you yesterday. :)
    Take care,

  2. I've always liked the idea of Dia de los Muertos.... I think it's really cool to have a day to pay homage to your relatives to have passed. Why doesn't our culture do that? We tend to "push away" elderly relatives, and forget those who have passed, when we should be honoring them.

    I've always thought this is a cool holiday and a cool tradition. Good for you and Ron for honoring it, in your own way!

  3. Laurie, I hope you enjoy this special day with good memories of your sister, and of all of your loved ones who are where she is now. God bless you!
    HWHL: I believe the Jewish culture has a special day to honor the dead, and special prayers for the day. And I think they mark the anniversary of the day that each person has passed.