Monday, November 17, 2008

Lake Kampeska And AM Radio ...

I took this photo of Lake Kampeska from Jackson Park last week ... but it was Lover's Lane back then, to us. A popular spot for kissing boys in their parent's cars, AM radio played a major role in our exploration of the sexual senses. Us and Our as in ... well ... my crowd.

It was KOMA - Oklahoma City until 11 PM, then KAAY - Little Rock for the Underground Music program called Beaker Street ... as in ... Why Don't We Do It In The Road and Samba Pa Ti. I have many facts, legends and stories that revolve around Lake Kampeska. For now; however, I'm going to leave it at this.

Everyone knows the Beatles did Why Don't We Do It In The Road. But tell me ... Who did Samba Pa Ti ? And don't you just love it ? It's a favorite of mine and you will find it on U Tube if you need to.


  1. This looks like a huge and beautiful lake. Do people swim, waterski & fish here? How big is it? So bright and wide open...I can see why it was a "best place to kiss."

  2. Don't you love places that bring back those wonderful memories of when you were discovering the joys of life? Makes your heart race to think back on all those "hormone-fueled" moments, doesn't it?

    Nice stuff. :-)

  3. The pic is beautiful.
    Sorry to say, I don't know either of those songs....I am going to you tube right now!!!!

  4. I barely remember the days of Drive In movies, I was a youngun back then... but man they were fun. Only the parents were there and there was no hanky-panky, of course. Not at 8 years of age, LOL!

    Lovely photo btw :-)