Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mary Kay Cadillac ...

How much Mary Kay would one have to sell to be able to drive this Pink Cadillac ??? Word up ... the owner of this car is a Man. I have not seen him driving it, but that's the story I got when I asked around. He was parked at the Extension Building on Election Day.

The original 9 skin care products were from a tanner's recipe. HE had much smoother and clearer skin than HIS age would indicate. Mary Kay Ash does not test her products on animals and PETA celebrated another victory when she stopped giving fur coats as incentive awards to her sales force.

I'll take two Jet Black Mascara's and one Revitalizing Spray ... and I wonder ... is Mary Kay really a Man ?


  1. Mary Kay Ash was (she's passed away now), believe it or not, a tremendous self-made woman. Also, she was a BIG believer in the power of positive thinking to change your life.

    Although I don't use MK cosmetics, I do think Mary Kay Ash was a really fascinating woman.

  2. Isn't this a funny "prize?" I can think of other things I'd like to win, more than this car. Maybe it was MK's deepest longing, so she shared it with others. I'll bet there is a book (or a movie) about her life.

  3. Very cute. Must be a very confident man to drive a pink caddy.
    Take care,Suz

  4. Like they say... "Let me ask my wife how I decide!"


    That car is hideous, btw.