Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jet Trails Over Lake Pelican, Ice, and Fire ...

Lake Pelican is about a quarter of a mile from our place. You can't see it through the trees when they are leafed out, but this time of year there are several good views from our front deck. We live between Lakes Pelican and Kampeska. They are both in the process of icing over. The ice fishing houses will start popping up next month. I'm not big on the idea of driving in a vehicle going over a supposedly frozen lake. Mom, Wendy and I used to do it, to take lunch to my Dad and Randy. But today I can Just Say No.

We are snow/sleet/iced in today. Our schools are all closed so I feel like I'm getting a free day to do anything I please. But I am going to press on with this huge project of unpacking boxes that came with us from Houston. Knowing we were remodeling, but needing to live in the house for a year certainly complicated the settling process. We lived on the main floor while the lower level was being built out, then lived there while the main floor was remodeled.

I committed Ron and I to hosting The Pelican Township Christmas Bash this year. I did so with motives ... 1) to be good neighbors and reciprocate the love that goes on around here, and 2) to light the necessary fire under my ass that will finally make this awesome house an awesome home.


  1. What a beautiful lake! It looks to large to completely ice over, but that's coming from a west-coaster, so what do I know? Love that blue sky...
    Good idea about throwing a party, to help motivate you into getting your nest ready. We are having the Gberger Christmas party here (20-30 people), and I haven't entertained in a LONG time. (MB's party doesn't count, as it was catered.)
    Don't you love the coziness of those days when you just get to stay at home and do homey things? God bless you!

  2. Beautiful picture. Great that you have a "free" day to get some stuff done. Motivators are great....we always seem to get things done when we HAVE to, and not when we feel like it.
    Take care,

  3. LOL I was looking for the fire bit, glad I read until the end :-D

    Lovely photo... chilly, but lovely!!

  4. wonderful picture! I bet that party will be fun! I love to throw parties, I woudl be honored to host such a big one. Have fun!