Monday, November 24, 2008

1928, War, and Tom Jones ...

This beautiful architectural touch is mounted over the back door of our Court House. This is a spot that I love ... maybe because there is a box at the back door called the "Flag Drop" where you can put your old flags. How cool is that ? The piece is really very intricately carved and you should enlarge it for it's details. I always look up at it when I go up or down 3rd Avenue, SE.

I'm always on the lookout for things to blog about so there isn't much that I miss. But I did try to photograph 3 deer in front of the Ethanol Plant yesterday evening. It was the perfect shot ... the sky was awesome, the cold temps have an effect on the steam and how it billows out, and I was going to call the post "Alien vs. Predator", my friend Julie's favorite movie. My card was full ... I was pissed.

A few facts about the Year 1928: Hoover was President and Coolidge was elected, the cost of a stamp was .02, the Yankees beat the Cardinals 4 to 0 in the World Series, Reigh Count won the Kentucky Derby, Alexander Fleming invented penecillin, Walt Disney released Steamboat Willie and Galloping Gaucho, their first cartoons with sound, the Academy Awards were handed out for the first time with Wings winning Best Picture, the first TV, a Daven, was sold for $75, and a television picture was beamed for the first time from England to the US. Oh, and the first urine pregnancy test was developed.

And my favorite is this one: 65 Nations signed the Kellog Briand Pact in Paris to outlaw war. We've come a along way, 1928 Baby ... you had the right idea ... and I can't help but think of Edwin Starr's song "WAR ... Who Is It Good For ? ... even though Tom Jones is on GMA singing "It's Not Unusual" right now.


  1. Beautiful photo..... too bad Mr. Bush didn't read the Kellogg Briand Pact....and YES, I saw Tom Jones this morning as well.

  2. PS I also saw a buck running through a cleared area of land that was going to be a subdivision (but, of course, it is "stalled" due to the housing/real estate crash...) Poor buck. I'm sure it used to be his home turf. He was heading for what remained of the wooded area behind the cleared land.