Saturday, November 8, 2008

Big Sioux River Snowfall ...

One of my favorite photo days now that I live here, is when I can capture the Big Sioux River, Lake Pelican, and Lake Kampeska, with snow, before they freeze. I just realized this yesterday.

The Sioux River flows all the way through town. This is where it goes under 10th Street at the foot of Saint Anne's Hill, where she watches over the tobogganers and the frisbee golfers.

The River rises just north of Watertown and flows past Sioux Falls, where it drops and spills 20 feet over huge boulders. It's beautiful. I guess The Native Americans knew Sioux Falls would sound better than Sioux Spill. But now that I'm thinking about it, I'm kind of liking the Sioux Drop thing.

The Big Sioux then flows another 420 miles into Iowa where it meets The Missouri River. But this is my favorite fun fact: Between Sioux Drop, SD and Sioux City, Iowa, it forms the boundary between Iowa and South Dakota for about 80 miles ... and while the corn is growing on it's east side, there are cattle being raised to the west.

Thank you ... and love from The Prairie. xoxo.


  1. That could be a Christmas card photo. So beautiful! I picture a sleigh ride in that scene. Now I'm starting to get in the holiday spirit! Thanks!

  2. You are a great teacher. I love learning about where you live, especially when the lesson comes with your beautiful photos. I hpe you stay warm and have a good weekend. God bless you!

  3. I love this. Your descriptions make me want to go there...NOW.
    I just came into the a/c for a break of cleaning of the pool deck.
    I never wanted to visit S.D. until now....

  4. Just gorgeous, Laurie! Don't we live in an amazingly beautiful country? Wow.

    I'm with Suz.... !! (Hey Suz - let's go on a road trip and visit all our blogger buddies!!) :-)

  5. I didn't realise you already had snow, and lots of it too! *brrr* I hope it holds for a bit over here... am so not ready for winter. Lovely photo though!