Friday, October 24, 2008

The Ties That Bond ...

The new 007 Movie, Quantum of Solace, opens on November 12th. I snapped this photo from the movie poster last weekend. There wasn't anyone around so I considered stealing it. It had biggie staples in it and the only tools I had on me were my nails. The angel on my shoulder reminded me that doing this would, indeed, be a sin.

James Bond and I go way back. When I was old enough to read books ... real books that is ... I went for the Ian Flemming collection that was at our house. I secretly blew through all 14 of them, and I was pretty revved up about life, living it full of action, and doing so with gorgeous men and sophisticated women. I was influenced much more by these intense racy novels than I was by having been educated at The Immaculate Conception Catholic School here in Watertown.

I am pretty hung up on our new 007. So much so, that I've had to end my relationship with Keith Urban. The Secret Agent Man and I have much more history. I am quite familiar with his artsy film career due to our many trips to Landmark Greenway Cinema in Houston. And I've exhausted his library at Netflix. Sounds like an engagement ring is in order for Christmas.

His first role as 007, is the last Bond flick made, Casino Royale. That is actually also the first Flemming novel. I really fell for him in this flick ... he loved Vesper Lynd so much that he trusted her to get the money. And after giving her way too much mouth to mouth, he blew the dude away, right there on the Riviera, who was behind her betrayal as well as her death.
But not without staying true to the novel and telling M, "The Bitch is Dead".

Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan ... you guys have some fierce competition out there.
Have you seen him in that Omega Watch print ad yet ? The name is Craig ... Daniel Craig.

Ian Flemming also wrote "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" ... can you believe it ? And President JFK was responsible for Flemming's popularity in the US after admitting his addiction to the mystery novels.


  1. My friend, here is another thing we have in common. I was raised by a dad who loves those books, and we saw the movies. I could never accept any "Bond" other than Sean Connery, until Mr. Craig arrived. I actually resisted seeing Casino Royale, because to me, James Bond WAS Sean Connery, and Daniel Craig's print pics do not do him justice (Katie preferred Pierce Brosnan). But this man had me at "par cours" (free running)...& my dear, those eyes, that physique. We are all converts now. Can't wait until Nov.!

  2. I love are so witty. He is quite easy on the eyes, I agree totally.
    I hope Keith Urban will be ok. You know, he has that Nicole girl to console him.

  3. I'm falling about. You made my day Laurie. Of course you are right - Mr. Craig is the dude!

  4. you should have stolen it!
    i would have helped you!
    he's a good bond hey?
    and i bet he's good at other things too.....

  5. I am with you 100% on Daniel Craig.

    When my husband told me I needed to see "Casino Royale" (he had seen it on cable), I was like "Yeah, whatever..." but then one night I DID see it and I was stopped IN MY TRACKS by those blue eyes.... and that mouth.... and that body..... and.... and.... (well, I won't go on..... this is a "family show", after all, but you know what I mean.)

    Daniel Craig is the "bee's knees" as they say. I can't WAIT to see the new bond flick. I'll be at the theaters on opening night, with BELLS ON! :-)

  6. He's an excellent Bond! And far sexier than any of the others, I think...