Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom ...

It's Shirley's Birthday today. And she got her wish last night ... she had dinner with her family for the first time in three months. The stint placed in one of her abdominal arteries has been working fabulously since Tuesday. In honor of her Eighty First I want to tell you about the things she loves ...

Fishing for walleye, hunting deer, hunting pheasants, hunting geese, keeping a suitcase packed at all times, living alone, Little House on the Prairie, Law and Order, Army Wives, tea pots, moss roses, blue jeans, blazers, penny loafers, little black Beatle boots, sweat shirts, ear rings, perfume, lilacs, warm jammies, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, Klondike Bars, jelly donuts, and bubble baths.

She loves her family too ... her grand daughter and her two grand sons ... She loves my brother, She loves her brothers, and her sister, and their families. She loves those cousins of hers too, and all of her crazy nieces and nephews ... and the only aunt she has left. She loved Wendy like crazy ... my only sister.
She loves my husband and my niece's husband too. And she loves her girlfriends.

What a Sweet Heart ... she has such a great sense of humor too. Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you. We all love you. And every day, I know you love me too. xoxo.


  1. What a beautiful tribute. your mom sounds like a gem.
    I am SO glad she is doing better. My prayers are surely the reason. :)

  2. The way you describe her makes it sound as if LOVE is at the heart of your mom's life. What a great role model for all of us, especially her family!
    Enjoying the pleasures of family and home...the wonderful, simple gifts of being human.
    It's great to hear that her procedures had good results. (She's the same age as my dad, who had a similar procedure a few weeks ago.)
    Happy Birthday, Laurie's mom!

  3. Wow - I love this "vignette" into WHO your mom is! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY! Please give her a big birthday hug from me! :-)

    Carla from Houston

  5. Happy bday to your mom! She sounds like a great lady. (Anybody who loves "Little House on the Prairie" is OK by me.)

  6. I wish your mom numerous and pleasant birthdays

  7. You two look like each other so much. How sweet words, your mom must be proud of you !

  8. I haven't visited you lately and I apologize for that. I am always so touched by your posts. I first met you when you posted about your dear sister - now this lovely post about your mom. Everyone in your family must really love you so much. You have such compassion and you are so giving.