Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looney Bin, I Will Not Be Checking In ...

This photo of a Loon actually has live, moving rain coming down over the trees inside of it. It's a Sally McKay piece from I Heart Photograph. Thank you, Pod, for the link ... and thank you, Sally. Politeness works, hopefully, in the Copyright world.

Ron and I are headed to Sioux Falls this morning ... yikes ... to Sanford Hospital for an Angiogram my Mom is having. I can't get freaked out by this ... we know what's wrong with her now and it's getting fixed. It may require surgery, but hopefully stints will work to clear the blockage in arteries around her stummy. This has been preventing her from being able to digest the fried chicken strips and beef tacos my brother has been feeding her out in Pierre during her Abdominal Recovery Phase Number 6.

Lawdy Mercy ... but Ron is doing great and I'm actually looking forward to some road time with him. Prayers for Mom, please. XOXO's from the Prairie.


  1. Great Loon.
    I hope Mom gets the help she needs. And not by taco's and fried chicken. geeze. Is your Brother trying to do her in???? ;)
    Take care,

  2. Sending love and prayers for comfort, calm and healing. And a fun ride for you and Ron!

  3. Didn't see you yesterday on Theme Day - thankyou for your comment.

    So sorry to read about your mother's problems but knowing a problem, well it can be solved and obviously that is what is to happen. All good wishes for her full recovery.