Saturday, September 13, 2008

Earning My Nursing Degree ...

Ron is really doing well, in my opinion, but for him it's an entirely different matter ...

Ron: "I don't feel a bit better than I did the day after I fell".

Laurie: "You were on Life Support the day after you fell".

Ron: "Oh Yeah".

The Orthopedic Doc ook an x ray and his arm is healing perfectly. The fractured ribs are still causing him the most pain and will take at least another month before they feel better.

The Doc of Optometry, our second opinion, agrees that the vision in his right eye will improve with time and that the clots will settle and dissolve. He suggested that he rest at a 45 degree angle and stay upright as much as possible. Good plan ... does upright include digging potatoes and mowing ???

And his Physical Therapist is Little Katy Stransky, all grown up ! I used to run around with her sister, Mary Pat, and here she is, the squirt ... in charge of my True Love's rehab from a brain injury. And doing a fine job indeed ... what a Sweet Heart.

Here around the farm it's chaos ... I'm getting farther and farther behind but really have no deadlines, other than making room for the plants to come in at the end of the month. Allison arrives Monday, thank God. I hope to enlist her in helping to get us more settled from the remodeling project, hanging artwork, and finishing touch stuff. The weather is gorgeous ... I'm planning some nights around the fire pit, wrapped in blankets ... and some star gazing ... RB will love that.

Mom is still here, she's still soooo weak. I am feeding her Gerber's at this point and while she loves the diced apples ... the strained chicken noodle soup has me on her shit list. She is screaming for fresh tomatoes from the garden and new potato patties. What's a farm wife to do ?

Monday she leaves for Pierre, SD with my brother Randy, to rest and recoup there for a couple of weeks. Thank God the fish aren't biting ...


  1. Oh girl you are dealing with a lot right now. Ron is on a fast track to recovery...these things take time.
    Glad Mom is feeling well, and that she is going to give YOU a break. you need it.
    Take care....ohhhh I would love some fresh 'matos and some Potato patties too.
    take care and thanks for the updates.

  2. hello nurse keller
    glad to hear things are on the up
    remember to look after thyself

  3. Wow! When I read your profile I got the impression that you had moved from the busy life to a slow-paced, relaxed life on the farm. Huh. Guess not! Good luck with everything!

    And thanks, Laurie, for your kind words about my story and my blog. I'm especially happy that you find my blog "refreshing."

    Hang in there!

  4. We should build a shrine around you, Laurie! I wish I lived close so I could come do some "Ron-sitting" so you could go see a movie, or shop, or just take a nap!

    Since I don't, though, I'll just continue sending love and prayers, sweetie.

    Remember to take care of YOU, so you don't wear out!