Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ron is at Physical Therapy and I am waiting for Dr. Wellman, his Surgeon. The Hospitalist, Dr. Thakkar, feels that Ron will be fine at home and that it's the best place for him at this point. He's doing that well ! There are options for Rehab in Watertown that I am now aware of and comfortable with. I am feeling good about this plan, as long as it's OK with Dr. Wellman.

This is his 4th excellent day, a direct result of having had the fluid taken off of his brain over the weekend. He is so much stronger on his left side. He's a bit unsteady but that is primarily from lying in bed for 3 weeks. His right eye is still an issue but our Doctor here has advised us to give it two more months. The spots he sees are tiny clots that will eventually dissipate.

When I write again, I'd like to believe that it's going to be from home. So I am going to. Love from the Prairie. xoxo.


  1. I LOVE good news!!!!!
    Can't wait till you both are at home. Take care.

  2. Hoping with you, that the next time we hear from you, you will be iin your own home! It's great to hear you've had a string of good days; I am hoping that this is the beginning of a time of steady recuperation, rest and joy in being home. God bless you!

    I am believing, right along with you, that the next time we hear from you, your sweet loving hubby will be happily at home sleeping in his own bed. (And I KNOW recovery will hit "turbo speed" once that happens....!)