Monday, September 29, 2008

Please Pass The Tofu ...

Nathan Lackness had his soybeans thrashed last week. This is serious business around here. There was a crowd gathered up the road from our driveway so I pulled over to get in on the meeting. Watch out guys ... Home Girl/City Chick/Farm Chicklette, with her Nikkon, who knows that soy saved the Massachusettes Bay Pilgrims from starvation.

This was actually the test run to see if the light rain that fell the previous night would hinder the project. Apparently it didn't because they thrashed ... don't you love that word ? ... into the evening and most of the next day.
Hey ... is that Ruby's Frisbee in the photo ? Fetch, Girlfriend !!!

And by the way, the English word soy is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of 醤油 (しょうゆ, shōyu).


  1. LOL yes I love that word, normally use it in other contexts though!

    Gorgeous photo, as always. I can almost smell the air.