Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home ...

Ron and I returned home yesterday evening. He's in his recliner having coffee with me. It's the little things ... and it's great to be home. He asked that I try to get him in to see his GP, Dr. Larson, as soon as possible. We have an appointment after lunch.

I have set the wheels in motion with Prairie Lakes Hospital here in Watertown, to get the Out Patient Rehab started next week.

Your love and friendship mean the world to us !!!

X's and O's from the Prairie,



  1. I am so happy to hear/read this. you both have been in my thoughts and prayers, glad you are both home. I bet he will feel better just being out of the sterile inviroment and home with you and the creatures.

  2. This is the greatest news to hear Laurie, I am so happy to hear he is at home and I you can breath again. Thank God. I know everyone is rooting for you guys. You are loved.

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  4. Ahhh.... coffee at HOME with your husband. Such a simple thing, and up until a few weeks ago, something that was so easy to take for granted.

    Now each day will have a new sweetness, won't it?

    Congratulations to the BOTH of you for making it over this big mountain - I'm proud of you both!

    Blessings & Joy to you... :-)