Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Time For Your Medication, Dear ...

It's been busy here on the prairie since we returned home from the hospital last Wednesday. Our remodeling project is finished, except for the screened porch on the west side. It's cooled off to morning temps of low 50's and day temps of low 70's. It's a beautiful time of year here ... Indian Summer. The porch will be finished in another week so we have many sunsets left to enjoy there. In addition to my Nurse Ratched duties, I am busy getting us settled back in the house, and handling the harvest. We have tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, squash, potatoes, corn and the watermelon is on the way. Yummmm !

Mom was released from the hospital yesterday morning and came here. She's doing well and just having her near is a big help. I will be free to spend time in the gardens or go to town if I need to, without having to worry about my Punk.

We saw our Orthopedic Specialist this afternoon and his arm is healing fine. The broken ribs take so much longer and another couple of months will need to pass before they aren't so painful. I can see him improving every day. He is much more steady but I don't get too far away. Three weeks in a hospital bed has taken it's toll on him. I feel that's 80% of his rehab objective, and the other 20% is from the brain's right side injury. A blessing, indeed.

So things are finally settling down. Although it's quite overwhelming at times, we are both feeling much more settled and confident in our future. Physical therapy starts on Friday and the schedule is quite rigorous, but things can only improve from here. And the Lortab prescription has been a huge help !!!


  1. I am happy to hear Mom is doing well also. Life sounds like it is getting back into some sort of routine for you. That is a good thing...some of us need "routine" to function well.
    Take care, Suz

  2. I'm so glad that Nurse Ratchet (sp?) is smiling! :-)

    And glad your Mom is doing well, and is there.

    Things are looking UP, my friend!

    Hey, if you and Ron need a laugh, come to my blog and watch the video of my puppy trying spicy food for the first time.... I posted it about 3 posts ago.... it's hilarious! (And I can promise you she was NOT hurt in the making of that video - she LOVES spicy food!)

  3. It sounds like you're through the worst of it, knock on wood. Glad to hear things are improving!

    Even when Nurse Ratched smiles, she looks evil. (Whatever happened to Louise Fletcher, anyway?)

  4. Oh my! I have not check on you in a while and turns out I have missed lots!

    So sorry to hear about all you have had to deal with!

    Hope things are starting to return to "normal" now.
    Take care!